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Delega selected as Finalist at South Summit 2021: Riccardo Balsamo, CEO of Delega, talks about how to shape the future of bank signatories management.

South Summit is a leading global innovation conference that connects entrepreneurs, corporations and investors to generate business ideas. At the beginning of September, South Summit 2021 committee reached out to tell Delega will be in or, better, on! On stage, of course, as a finalist ready to share solutions, insights and views on how to make the entire corporate banking ecosystem more efficient.

Excited and proud of having been selected for this edition, which brought together more than 22’000 attendees, 680 speakers , 8’000 startups, more than 1’600 investors and 7’000 members of corporations in search of innovation.

In the picture Riccardo Balsamo, CEO of Delega, is talking about the future and telling people how we are contributing to change the bank signatory management process.

South Summit is not only an amazing event for business opportunity but also a time for networking. Of course it is also tiring and everyone needs to chill a bit even if it is with a Delega advisor, Mario Ceron.

Chill a bit with a Delega advisor, Mario Ceron.

Ideas, opportunities, entrepreneurs and great interactions between startups and corporates are only some ingredients to shape the future of the financial industry. If we could summarize these three days in a sentence, that sentence would be: the future is in the collaboration!

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