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If you're a corporate treasurer, Delega will simplify your life. In one click.



Our solution can eliminate inefficient processes, save time and costs, and free up resources. Today, each party still uses their own records, bearing a structural point of failure when it comes to verifying signatories’ powers.

Using Delega, you can now give specific banks access to the information they need to create, remove and maintain signatory records.  Your treasury team gets:

  • Access to reliable data with the bank’s timestamp
  • A way to meet all your bank requirements in one go, without need to resend documents over and over
  • Tracking of each case, with the exact status at the bank and an indication of how long it will take and who’s working on it


Use Delega

Keep your current processes

A key advantage of Delega is the flexibility it offers in managing your complexity. All your current corporate policies or powers of attorney can be migrated into the system. Our Cloud-based agile application can easily adapt to any corporate’s way of structuring delegation of authority.

Collaborate and interact directly with your banks

Delega helps you gather and execute all the requirements from all your banks in an easy and digital way. Easily collaborate and interact with your financial partners  by allowing them to reply and react to your requests directly in your platform. It’s a much faster and more reliable way of working thanks to the very simple interface. You can also manage  all your the documentary requests using the smart workflow engine and automatically recall the requirements that each bank has previously set for the same use case.

Change signatories in one go

A super intutive user interface allows you to create multiple changes, for multiple signatories across all of your banks via a single dashboard. Provide each document only once. The system remembers whether any document (e.g. board resolution) has been previously provided to any of your banks or is present in the Delega master data. Delega can also generate a fully customisable treasury POA and get it electronically signed via our API integration with DocuSign.

Have visibility on the status of each change request

How many times have you sent a request to a bank asking for an update on an amendment you sent two weeks ago? With Delega, corporates can track each case, know the exact status at the bank (e.g., opened, in progress, etc.) and receive notification every time the status changes. 

Benefit from reliable reporting on signatories

With ‘one click’ access to reliable data on current signatories,  Delega offers fully comprehensive reporting of all your signatories across all your banks. You get a ‘bank approval timestamp as each change request will involve your banks in the approval, therefore guaranteeing data accuracy. The information that you used to obtain in weeks is now available at your fingertips.

Meet audit requests much more quickly

With Delega, you can ensure alignment between the corporate and bank view of data. Thanks to our confirmation functionality, each corporate is able to ask their banks – with a single click – to reconfirm (e.g. for audit purposes) that the view of signatories they have matches the bank’s books and records.




As treasurer, you can comply with audit requirements quickly and accurately, instead of taking weeks to source information that may or may not be up to date. And you can provide full reporting about signatories with the timestamp. You can easily activate this process with every bank because banks only need an invite to the real time repository. Further, Delega can generate the power of attorney for you, and – thanks to the integrated DocuSign API – you can even have it signed seamlessly directly inside the Delega platform.