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Delega makes you more efficient and gives your client a great user experience.



Start interacting with your clients from day one – without the hassle of installation, significant IT support or technical integration. Our corporate-centric UX allows any users within the bank to interact effortlessly with any corporates.

It’s a vast improvement on the current situation: banks spend 5-10% of their time on repetitive paper-based activities, can struggle to get things right first time, and often lack full visibility around their client mandates. At the same time, every player in the chain works with their own records. It all adds up to a very fragmented framework, which in turn leads to a poor customer experience.


Work with Delega

Customer experience

Delega offers a unique customer experience to corporate clients.

Start without disrupting current requirements

When you begin using Delega, there’s no disruption to the bank’s current policies and documentary rules.

Retain full control of the approval process

Banks remain in full control of signatory approval process. Our collaboration tool operates by the dual control principle, leaving the bank in charge of ultimate approval for every change.

Get it right, first time

Delega can ‘learn and remember’ each bank’s documentary requirements. Corporates will be able to push request to banks only when 100% of necessary documentation has been collected on the corporate side, avoiding the unecessary and time-consuming back and forth.

Eliminate operational risk

Enforcing rules and control within the process will eliminate audit and operational risk associtaed with a lack of visibility on clients’ mandates.

value added for


As a bank, adopting Delega will be a ‘one time effort’ and offer value-added for your clients with no implementation stress.

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can jointly look at the integration possibilities.