Distributed ledger technology (DLT) has been something of a buzzword in recent years. The Benefits of DLT are well known: distributed ledgers provide a single source of truth for participants, as well as a verified, real-time record of transactions.

In most cases, the hype around DLT has yet to result in concrete solutions.

But signatory management is one area where DLT can really make a difference. It’s accurate, fast and secure – and it provides a permanent, immutable record of all actions.

DLT and Delega

With Delega’s model, a complete record of your company’s signatory information and supporting documentation is held on a private network.
This means you can:

Manage authorised signatories

Give specific banks access to the information they need to create, remove and maintain your signatory records.

Access signatory records

Instantly access your own records, making it easy to respond to audit queries and access information about individuals’ signatory rights.

Delega’s core technology

Distributed ledger technology

Real-time secure connection

Smart contracts

Full auditability and traceability

API connectivity

Direct connectivity with banking platforms

Intelligent workflow

Efficient paperless process management



Delega is fully compliant with international information security standards ISO 27000, 27001 and 27002.


Software development follows the OWASP Secure Software Development Life Cycle Project methodology.


Delega’s experts include a cybersecurity advisor with 20 years’ experience in the cybersecurity space, as well as a team of security experts.