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[WEBINAR] There is a better way to handle signatories management

There is a better way to handle signatories management.

Are you an innovative treasury practitioner? Are you looking to make treasury a “better place”?
Our webinar on Bank Signatory Management is for you!

This is what happen during the webinar “There is a better way to handle signatories management”: we asked all the participants to tell us how each aspect of signatory management is a burden for them and to rate their “pain”. The results speak for themselves, have a look!

Survey results during Delega Webinar

We then illustrated our solution, how Delega can solve these issues and why it is the “EBAM that works”.

We discussed about how we created a product together with large corporates and banks and why corporate should join forces…1+1 indeed makes 3 sometimes!

Moreover, Delega talked about the use cases and experiences of our corporate clients also thanks to our Guest Speaker Joerg Wiemer from TIS (Treasury Intelligence Solutions), a highly experienced professional who shared his view on mandate management and where the market is moving in this area. 

Did you miss the webinar? The recorded video is now available!

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