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Interview with a Corporate Treasurer: Nico Bruno answers

What’s the opinion of a Corporate Treasurer about the most painful tasks on a day by day basis? We reached out Nico Bruno, former Senior Treasury Manager at Citrix and asked. Watch the video now!

Now, “let’s spend some time in a Treasury Department: how painful is the lack of digitalization?” A lot, listen to the Mr Bruno’s opinion.

The next video starts with a creation of a company’s own booklet for bank mandates.
Find out more below and enjoy the story.

“…Corporates as well as banks can save a lot of money, workload and risks in this process”.
Those are Nico Bruno’s thoughts about Fintech, Corporates and Banks working together, but there is more to learn, watch the video.

This is the end of our interview with Nico Bruno, former Senior Treasury Manager at Citrix. As our last question we asked him about Delega working group experience and his expectations around the platform after our POC.
His thoughts are in the video below, learn more.

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