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In the International Group of Treasury Associations (IGTA) e-Journal, François Masquelier talks about signatory management, the main pain points around it and the solution – finally.

Fintechs can help banks and corporates come over the pain points of the signatory management system.

The article starts from the very beginning: maintaining banking relationships requires the exchange of documents.

This is why François Masquelier suggests to automate processes in order to bring added value to the business.

Actually, till now, the old system allowed risky tasks, read more in the chart “Why signatory management is a painstaking process?” you will find it in the article.

But jump to the conclusion for a second: today standardization and digitization of signing authorities, the long-awaited solution, is finally here, “miracles also happen in treasury” said Mr. Masquelier.

Read the full article “Technical Problems, like Weeds, Always Come Back” here (see pages 31 to 35)

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