Delega was at the Frankfurt Airport, ready to “fly over“ all the pain points present in Corporate Treasury space: Riccardo Balsamo, CEO of Delega, took part in Fintech Forum 2021.

What’s next in European FinTech? Delega was there to shape the future starting from solving archaic pain points in the treasury sector and creating value for companies and banks.

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Delega selected as Finalist at South Summit 2021: Riccardo Balsamo, CEO of Delega, talks about how to shape the future of bank signatories management.

By “simply” applying a different approach, we can transform processes & create value, by building an efficient solution: it is all happening at the South Summit in front of top investors and corporate leaders.

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The value of cooperative approach to build efficient solutions explained by former IATA Group Treasurer, Stephen Darnley

Also in corporate banking, cooperation is fundamental: this is how a different approach can transform processes & create value, building real solutions for all the parties.

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Managing bank account mandates and signatories: Fred Schacknies, former Group Treasurer of Hilton, provides his insights.

Old problems, complex flows and the only solution is automations and digitalization transformation guided by fintech and banks.

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Delega with Deutsche Bank, Barclays and others completes POC

Co-creation completed: POC together with Deutsche Bank, Barclays and 8 multinational corporations including Salesforce, Siemens and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is reality.

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Delega featured in Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank's Whitepaper on the digital transformation

Contribute to co-create the way banks and companies connect and exchange critical information via digital signatory management: Delega is proud to be at the forefront.

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Challenge accepted for Treasury teams in facing signatory management

Multinational corporations face old processes and tons of requirements when it comes to managing bank signatories. Delega and Rob Lunn have an effective solution.

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