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Delega is on “Voice of FinTech” podcast to make life easier for Treasures!

Use your lunch break to hear the chapter in which our CEO, Riccardo Balsamo, talked about our signatory management solution to make life easier for Treasures
Our special thanks go to Rudolf Falat for a truly exceptional speech.

Delega is on Voice of FinTech podcast

Riccardo Balsamo and Rudolf Falat, founder of the Voice of FinTech podcast, talked about the pain points between banks and corporates when it comes to figuring out who is authorized to sign a contract on behalf of the counterparty and make a payment.

🎧Listen here

Here is what they covered:

  • Why is Riccardo a Treasury enthusiast?
  • What’s Delega’s mission – the problem it is solving
  • How does Delega differ from DocuSign or Adobe contract management solutions?
  • Target clients
  • The size of the opportunity
  • The technology behind Delega’s solution
  • Preventing fraud with Delega’s solution
  • The most remarkable innovations in Treasury during Riccardo’s career, and where is the highest potential for FinTechs to improve this area of Finance
  • Size of the team and international reach
  • What is the best way to reach out (and what kind of parties would be most relevant for you)?

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