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Delega debates during a panel session in the Atel 1st Tech Day in Brussels

“Digital transformation, the next steps?”. This is the topic Delega debated during a panel session in the Atel 1st Tech Day.
Our CEO, Riccardo Balsamo, discussed how the use of technology can support and make life easier for both corporates and banks when it comes to signatories management, together with Emmanuel de Rességuier of Fennech Financial Ltd and Padraig Brosnan of Treasury Delta.

During the afternoon, we were on stage explaining our solution and why we could be disruptive in the current market. Later, we talked about digital transformation and we showed our view in terms of the role a Fintech company can play in the treasury landscape.

“Competition does not make any sense: corporates, banks and fintechs need to start collaborating”

Riccardo Balsamo

This is only an excerpt of an interesting discussion with François Masquelier regarding a hot topic of the sector, did you miss the event? Click below to enjoy all the contents!

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