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Corporate, Fintechs, Banks: interview with Ignacio Sanchez-Miret

We reached out to Ignacio Sanchez-Miret, Chairman Fintech Committee at AFTE – The French Association Of Corporate Treasurers and we asked his view around the issues of signatory management and much more.

Do you want to learn beneficial effects for the treasurer when it comes to how digitalization can help on low value added tasks?
If yes, the video below is for you!

We asked Ignacio Sanchez-Miret how he sees the current status of Fintech & Corporate collaboration.

The term “collaboration” between Fintech and Banks seems inappropriate to Ignacio Sanchez-Miret. Watch the video below and remember that comments are very welcome!

The last part of our interview to Mr Sanchez-Miret is about Corporate, Fintechs and Banks working together on industry issues, learn more in the next video.

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