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Say goodbye to time consuming, paper-based signatory management. Delega fully digitises the signatory management process across your relationship banks. Our tool harnesses the most modern technologies, enabling you to manage signatory rights on a fully integrated basis. This means you can eliminate inefficient processes and free up resources.
Using Delega, companies can store and manage a central list of current signatories. This can be shared with chosen banks, ensuring an up-to-date record of signatory information.

One to many

Delega dispatches changes to all your partner banks simultaneously, making it easy to create, change and remove authorised signatories.

Digital process

Signatories are managed digitally, making inefficient, paper-based and semi-automated processes a thing of the past.

Secure and immutable

Delega leverages the most advanced technology, making your authorisations and supporting material secure and immutable.

Shared database

Signatory information is saved on a shared database accessible both to the corporate and its banking partners.

Intelligent workflow

Whether you’re adding or removing a signatory or uploading a document, the platform’s intelligent workflow guides you through the process.

Immediate data visibility

Signatory information can be at your fingertips in seconds rather than weeks – making it easy to comply with audit requirements.

We generate value
for all parties involved


Digitising the signatory management process brings value for both banks and corporations.

Benefits for Banks

Provides a unique customer experience to corporate clients.

Removes complexity and reduces internal costs.

Frees up FTE capacity, resulting in more efficiency.

Benefits for Corporates

Frees up resources to focus on value-adding tasks.

Gives immediate access to data.

Minimises legal costs and improves audit fulfilment.

We take the security of your data very seriously; please click here to see our commitment to security.

Our commitment
to security

Core Team

Delega’s team brings together the perfect mix of seasoned professionals and enterpreneurs. Drawing upon years of experience, our experts have a deep understanding of corporate banking, treasury, technology, corporate law and project management.

Our Team

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